3 easy and tasty marmite/vegemite recipes

3 easy and tasty marmite/vegemite recipes
Marmite Toast bread

Ingredients : 1.Bread 2.Butter 3.Marmite How to : Toast the bread, then spread butter and a little bit Marmite.

Avocado Vegemite On Toast

Ingredients : 1.Bread 2.Butter 3.Vegemite 4.Avocado 5.Egg

How to :

  1. Boil water and add three spoons of vinegar. When the water boils, stir the water in one direction.
  2. Reduce the heat and break the eggs into it. Wait a minute and bring it up.
  3. Bring bread to toast, spread butter and a little bit Vegemite, then put avocado and poach Eggs on top.

Vegemite Pancakes

Ingredients : 1.Pancake mix 2.Vegemite 3.Avocado 4.Tomato 5.Feta cheese

How to : 1.Shake the powder bottle a little. Let the powder that sticks together spread out, not stick together too tightly. 2.Open the cap and add water to the level indicated on the back of the bottle. Then close the cap and shake for 1 minute. 3.when finished shaking, remove the pressure release cap contained in the bottle and close the cap. Shake again for 1 minute. 4.Warm the pan over low heat. When the pan is hot, pour down the pancake batter. 5.Until the pancake batter starts to have holes, then flip it over. When the dough becomes yellow, take it on a plate. 6.Spread Vegemite on the pancake, then put avocado, tomato and Feta cheese on top.

Author: Madam Villa