After Eight Orange & Mint
SKU 259338
฿ 205/ 200g
-Dark chocolatey coating over an irresistible orange and mint-flavoured fondant cream -Made with 100% Sustainably Sourced Cocoa certified by UTZ, as part of the NESTLÉ COCOA PLAN. We work with UTZ and farmers to improve the quality of their products and strengthen their communities -AFTER EIGHT has been delighting mint lovers across the world since 1962 -Each orange-mint square is individually-wrapped for an exquisite treat after dinner, during the holidays, or any occasion that you want to add a little something special to The AFTER EIGHT Orange Dark Mint Thins are a refreshing indulgence and the perfect ending to any evening-
Sugars (sugar, glucose syrup), unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, natural flavour, invertase, sunflower lecithin, salt, citric acid, baking soda.