Fingerroot Jelly Joob
SKU 254398
฿ 850/ 10 x 20g
Collagen Jelly BOOST by Hems Jelly Joob, the main ingredient of nature from "White Krachai" Hems Jelly Joob”, a dietary supplement product in the form of jelly. The main ingredient from "Kachai Kao" enhances immunity against viruses. Sour taste Sweet, fragrant, fresh from Thai herbs. - There is an extract from "White Krachai" properties that help strengthen the body's immune system. It helps the body to fight various viruses. - Contains ingredients of ′′ Tripeptide Collagen ′′ to help restore and nourish skin. Repair bones and skin cells to bounce and moisturize. - Contains "L-Carnitine" to help enhance metabolism and excretion. Reduce the accumulation of fat in the body