Everest Nepal Coffee
Brew Flavor
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Flavor: Strong floral, maple syrup, orange peel, jasmine tea, mellow finish To conquer the highest peak in the world is a traveler's dream The coffee is made in honor of Nims Purja, the first man to climb the 8,000-meter peak, complete all 14 of them in 6 months and 6 days, erasing the previous record of 7 years and 310 days. Most hikes take about two months to complete Everest Nims in just one day. Cold brewed from coffee beans grown in the highlands of the Mount Everest Mountain Range, Mouth Everest coffee is shaping Nepal's reputation as the world's northernmost coffee plantation from the equator. The coffee varieties here are brought from Papua New Guinea, the coffee plantation here. have to overcome obstacles both from the cold and wild animals Especially the mountain lions who stare at the coffee plantation pets. The soil and water here are clean. Chemical free Make coffee 100% organic, cool and sunny climate. Coffee must be planted under the shade of a large tree. 100% real organic, cool and sunny climate. Coffee must be planted under the shade of a large tree. When the coffee is ripe Collect them, peel them and wash them with cold water. Create a unique coffee flavor that is easy to drink and has a floral aroma. Become a special drink menu in the morning for travelers who come to conquer the mountain. We select good quality coffee beans. roast with method Slow-in-Fast-Out It is a profile that will maintain the identity of an easy-to-drink coffee, retain its aroma, use the cold-pressed Cole-in-Fusion formula. Cut off the astringency, leave it as a Mild Body coffee, similar to a finely concentrated tea. Soft scents of Jasmine, Maple, Orange Peel Easy way to drink 1. Refrigerate and drink. Or pour it with ice, it's cool and refreshing. 2. Heat in the microwave for 45-60 seconds. 3. Condensed, concentrated, will drink as an espresso shot. or mix with other ingredients. Storage method 1. Once the lid is opened, it should be tightly closed. keep in refrigerator Drink it all within 14 days. 2. Unopened lid can be stored for 2 months from the date of manufacture. 3. Should be stored in the refrigerator. and placed out of sunlight.
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