Pure C8 Coconut Mct Oil
SKU 230830
฿ 502/ 135ml
Finally we have it! The most ketogenic fat in the market: 100% Pure C8 MCT Oil! - Metabolises quickly into clean energy for your brain and muscle - Will not be stored as fat And there is no other MCT oil brands in Asia which has better quality than ours: - SAFETY: Manufactured safely in the facility in the EU under the strict food/energy/manufacturing regulations - PURITY: no trace of solvents & allergens, contains only caprylic acid, no other MCT oil such as lauric acid and capric acid. - SUSTAINABLE: manufactured using 100% coconut oil, not palm oil - VEGAN/HALAL/KOSHER It has no odor, no taste and is easy to swallow. It can be added to your diet easily in order to support your health. It is also heat-stable up to 160C/320?F. What exactly do you mean by improved brain performance? Let's outline what our customers say about this oil: - Improved focus at work - Improved memory and comprehension (university students) - Improved mental clarity - Improved sleep quality - Less digestive discomfort - Increased energy level - Supports healthy weight management