Halloween Menu 2022

Halloween Menu 2022

Menu ; BeDeviled Burgers Ingredients: 1.Beef Steak Burger Wagyu / GI Burger 2.Cheddar Mild Slices / California Premium 3.Whole Grain Mustard / Slotts 4.Burger Buns / Maison Jean Philippe 5.Butter Monoprix 6.Organic Red Oak / Pure Organic Plus 7.Tomato / Farm Fresh 8.Tomato Sauce Squeeze / Woolworths 9.Salt 10.Pepper 11.Black Olive


  1. Cut the cheese into various shapes and prepare them.

  2. Put GI Steak Burger Patties into the grill, and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Cook as desired and set aside.

  3. Spread the bread with butter all over. Then go down to the grill until fragrant.

  4. Assemble the body by applying Whole Grain Mustard on it, followed by Red Oak, Patties, and Cheddar Cheese Slices.

(Add the spooky by putting tomato paste and ketchup to make it look like greasy blood. and use the olives to make ghost eyes and put them on the burger )

Menu ; Spooky Halloween Noodle Ingredients: 1.Chapaghetti / Nong Shim 2.Mozzarella Cheese Slices / Sargento 3.Eggs / Mori-Tama 4.Tomato Sauce Squeeze / Woolworths 5.seaweed


  1. Use a press mold or cut Mozzarella Cheese Slices into ghost, pumpkin, bone, or other shapes as you like.

  2. Cut the seaweed into the eyes, nose, and mouth to decorate the cheese we cut.

  3. Set a pot of boiling water 600 ml. Put the Chapaghetti and dried vegetables to boil for 5 minutes, then pour out the water to leave enough water to knead. Put the seasoning powder and oil in the sachet. Mix well.

  4. Arrange the plate by placing the Mozzarella Cheese Slices that we have made into different shapes. followed by egg yolk and decorated with seaweed

Menu ; Babybel Monsters Ingredients:

  1. Babybel Mini Cheese
  2. Eyeball sugar icing


  1. Take the Babybel Mini Cheese and carve it into Monsters patterns as you imagined.

  2. Decorate with eye candy to add cuteness.

Menu ; Bloody Eyeball Halloween Drink Ingredients: 1.LYCHEE IN SYRUP 2.Blueberry 3.Blueberry & Envy Apple Juice / The Apple Press

Instructions: Bring blueberry and put in lychee fruit. Then, put it on a wooden skewer like a ghost's eyeball. Served in a glass with Blueberry & Envy Apple Juice from The Apple Press.

Author: Madam Villa