Garlic Beef Fried Rice Sushi

Garlic Beef Fried Rice Sushi
Garlic Fried Rice with Grilled Beef Sliced ​​Sushi

Ingredients : 1.Chuck Roll Sliced 2.Japanese rice 3.Sugar sauce 5.Oyster sauce 6.Vegetable oil 7.Garlic 8.Teriyaki sauce 9.Coriander onions

How to : 1.Slice the garlic then prepare the pan by add vegetable oil to fry the sliced garlic with low heat. When the garlic is golden brown Let's put it on the plate. 2. Remove oil Leave it in the pan a little. Add minced garlic and stir until golden. Then put Japanese rice in it. Season with sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce and stir together. Put the garlic that we have fried and spring onions. 3.shape it into a sushi ball, cover it with Chuck Roll Sliced beef, and burn it. 4.Topped with teriyaki sauce, Fried Garlic and Coriander onions.

Author: Madam Villa
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