Turmeric Coconut And Purple Cauliflower Fish Curry

Turmeric Coconut And Purple Cauliflower Fish Curry
Turmeric Coconut And Purple Cauliflower Fish Curry

Ingredients: Large bunch of coriander 1 lemongrass stalk, roughly chopped 1 green chili, seeds removed 1 white onion, diced 1 large garlic clove, chopped 1 large thumb of ginger, grated 10g fresh turmeric grated or 1 tablespoon turmeric powder 1 tablespoon mild curry powder 1 tablespoon coconut oil 350g purple cauliflower (or use a white one) 1 can coconut milk (400ml) 250g sustainably caught white fish Pinch of salt


  1. Cut off the stalks of the coriander and put them into a food blender (reserving the leaves) along with the lemongrass, chilli, half the diced onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric and curry powder. Blitz into a smooth paste, adding a little water if needed.

  2. Place the Signature Cast Iron 24cm Round Casserole over a medium heat and melt the coconut oil. Add the remaining onion and fry for 4 - 5 minutes until soft. Add the curry paste and cook for a further 3 - 4 minutes, stirring continuously.

  3. Chop the cauliflower into large florets and place in the casserole. Coat the cauliflower in the curry paste before pouring in the coconut milk. Fill the empty can of coconut milk with water and add to the pan. Bring to the boil before lowering the temperature. Simmer for 10 - 15 minutes over a medium to low heat.

  4. Dice the fish into large chunks and stir through the curry. Allow to gently simmer for 6 - 7 minutes until the fish is just cooked through. If the sauce is reducing too quickly, place on the lid.

  5. Finish the curry by stirring through the reserved coriander leaves and add a squeeze of lime and season to taste.

  6. Serve with extra lime wedges and brown rice.

  7. Cook's Notes This recipe is very adaptable, and the fish can be exchanged for meat, seafood or even a veggie alternative like tofu or chickpeas. For extra vibrancy, try and source fresh turmeric but powdered turmeric works just as well. Make sure you season well with salt and lime to really make the flavors sing. Frozen fish is also perfect for this recipe - place the fillets in the curry sauce, add an extra 5 minutes of cooking time and when cooked, carefully break the fillet into pieces using a fork.