Baked Beans English Recipe
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฿ 138/ 420g
High in dietary fibre, a good source of protein and 99% fat free, Heinz English Recipe Baked Beans are a kitchen staple. For a true English breakfast, pair Heinz English Recipe Baked Beans with bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms and buttered toast. For flavour you can trust, it has to be Heinz
Beans (51%), Tomatoes (34%), Water, Sugar, Spirit Vinegar, Modified Corn Flour, Salt, Spice Extracts, Herb Extract.
Nutrition facts
Quantity Per 100g
พลังงาน (Energy) 360kj โปรตรีน (Protein) 5.0g ไขมัน (Fat Total) 0.5g คาร์โบไฮเดรต (Carbohydrate) 13.1g - น้ำตาล (Sugars) 5.3g โซเดียม (Sodium) 480mg