Basilico Tomato Sauce
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฿ 118/ 400g
Agnesi Sugo Basilico Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce Tomato sauce pasta with basil which choosing only quality ingredients e.g.Italian tomatoes 100% & Italian basil, olive oil for good health of consumers. Agnesi sauce is delicious with original Italian taste, also good for health, different from genearal pasta sauces. Just warm for 2-3 minutes before having with pasta.
Tomatoes (82.95%), extra virgin olive oil (5%), tomato concentrate (5%), basil (2%), sugar, onions, carrots, sea salt, rize starch, acidity correctors: citric acid
Nutrition facts
Quantity Per 100g as sold
พลังงาน (Energy) 410kJ/99kcal โปรตรีน (Protein) 1.5g ไขมัน (Fat Total) 6g - ไขมันอิ่มตัว (Saturated) 0.8g คาร์โบไฮเดรต (Carbohydrate) 9g - น้ำตาล (Sugars) 7g ไฟเบอร์ (Fiber) 1.5g เกลือ (Salt) 0.7g