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Caviar Beluga 50g x Caviar Imperial 18g
SKU 252590
฿ 7,800/ 68g
BELUGA Famous and sought after, it is the quality that has made caviar famous in the world. Beluga caviar is the most exclusive gastronomic refinement ever, omnipresent at the Shah's banquets and the undisputed protagonist of the most important celebrations of the Russian aristocracy and the European nobility. Buttery consistency, gray matrix color with marble shades, ranging from black to almost white. It is distinguished by the size of its large grain and by its very delicate membrane, lean and very fragile. It should be served without manipulation to avoid breaking the eggs. The taste experience that distinguishes this caviar is full, it must be consumed strictly in purity. Its taste is so delicate that it is enhanced when consumed "alone" using the typical mother-of-pearl spoon that keeps its flavor intact. Produced by the Ladan sturgeon, the Queen of sturgeons, the eggs have an average size of ø 3.2 mm. Species: Huso huso Color: Gray with marble shades Taste: delicate IMPERIAL Strong and robust taste, delicious and refined, it leaves no room for indecision. Amber in color, from brown to golden, it has a deep flavor that satisfies any true caviar lover. Produced from the sturgeon of Siberian origin. Its eggs are medium to large in size and reach ø 3 mm. Species: Acipenser baerii Color: Amber Taste: Decisive and robust
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