Caviar Beluga
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The most celebrated and sought-after caviar that has made the delicacy famous worldwide. Beluga caviar is a gastronomic luxury that is ever-present in the Shah’s banquets and the undisputed protagonist in the celebrations of Russian aristocracy and European nobility. A buttery consistency, gray with marbled tones, ranging from black to almost white. It is recognizable by its large grain and delicate skin, with a thin and extremely fragile membrane. It’s best to serve it as unmanipulated as possible to avoid the eggs breaking. This caviar should be consumed as it is, in purity: its delicate flavor is best appreciated when eaten “by itself,” using a mother of pearl spoon that best leaves flavor intact. Produced by the Queen of sturgeons, the Beluga, these eggs have a medium size of ø 3,2 mm. Species: Huso huso Color: Gray with shades of marble Flavor: delicate Shelf life: 3 months