Truffle Potato Chips - Honey Dijon
SKU 242411
฿ 285/ 100g
Love the harmonious balance between sweet and savoury flavours? Presenting to you our rendition of the best of both worlds - Black Summer Truffle Chips in Honey Dijon flavour! This time we’ve glazed our crunchy ridge-cut potato chips with slick honey mustard and topped with delicate sprinkles of mint leaves. Our Honey Dijon flavored truffle chips will satisfy your gourmet tastebuds, this we’ll guarantee. Savour the delectable aroma of the world’s strongest truffle chips in every bite!
Potato, Palm Oil, Flavoured Seasoning [Natural Carob Powder, Flavours, Dried Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt), Citric Acid, Honey, Maltodextrin, Salt, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Wasabi, Yeast Extract, Dextrose Anhydrous, Flavour Enhancers (E631, E627, E621, E635) and Anticoagulants (E551)], Olive Oil and Parsley.
Nutrition facts
Servings Per Package: 2 Serving Size: 50g
พลังงาน (Energy) 280 Calories โปรตรีน (Protein) 3g ไขมัน (Fat Total) 17g - ไขมันอิ่มตัว (Saturated) 7g คาร์โบไฮเดรต (Carbohydrate) 28g - น้ำตาล (Sugars) 3g โซเดียม (Sodium) 330mg ไฟเบอร์ (Fiber) 2g