6492d-Rabbit Family W Grand
Lil Woodzeez
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The CottonballTM Rabbit Family Set with Grandparents. Meet the CottonballTM Rabbit Family from Honeysuckle Hollow?! This family set includes seven animal characters to add to your Li’l Woodzeez collection: Grandpa Boris, Grandma Doris, Mom Cassi, Dad Andy, and kids Chuck, Tab, and Tali. The CottonballTM Rabbits love to spend time together. Chuck plays Hide and Seek with his baby siblings in the forest, and their grandparents sometimes join in the fun! These fuzzy mini figurines have soft fur and they fit in the smallest hands. Their outfits are compatible with the other animal characters from Honeysuckle Hollow?, so you can mix and match for a fun try-on session! You can also move their heads, arms, and legs – perfect for hours of playtime. All they need is a bit of imagination to come alive! Li’l Woodzeez? collectibles are recommended for kids aged 3 and over. Playsets and other accessories sold separately. Included 1 grandfather 1 grandmother 1 father 1 mother 1 older child 2 babies