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Deep Clean
SKU 227683
฿ 155-3%
฿ 149/ 100g
SENSODYNE IS THE #1 DENTIST RECOMMENDED BRAND FOR SENSITIVE TEETH - Deep cleans sensitive teeth - Help whiten teeth* - Freshens breath - Extra fresh taste - Protects against cavities - Contains fluoride - Sensitivity relief and lasting sensitivity protection* Sensodyne Deep Clean is specially formulated to relieve tooth sensitivity. When enamel is worn away or gums recede, the dentin underneath becomes exposed. This can lead to sensitivity pain, for example, with hot and cold drinks. Deep Clean toothpaste for sensitive teeth cleans the tooth’s surface and even between the teeth. It works inside the tooth to help calm the nerves for 24 hours* and leaves your mouth feeling minty, providing a fresh feeling for a deep clean you can really feel.
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